"Feel the room shake / hear my heart break / I'm in love with the sound... the love that we make / we make for our sake / for the sake of the sound..." 

    Front Country has a sound with the body of a bluegrass ensemble, the soul of a rock band and the mind of a classical chamber group. Their dynamic instrumental textures take flight with grace and gravitas while rooted in the relentlessly soulful vocals of lead singer Melody Walker and trio harmonies that soar with organic precision. Along with mandolinist Adam Roszkiewicz, guitarist Jacob Groopman, violinist Leif Karlstrom and bassist Jeremy Darrow, this San Francisco quintet has been called "passionately intoxicating" and "orchestral". In 2013 Front Country became the third band in history to win both the RockyGrass and Telluride band contests and they have been in-demand ever since. Their debut album, Sake of the Sound, is available worldwide.