"Front Country is the biggest new bluegrass band in America" - Bob Harris, BBC

“They somehow strike that perfect blend of soaring vocals, impressive bluegrass playing and interesting song choices”  - Fretboard Journal

"Front Country is the best new bluegrass band out there... period. But to call them just bluegrass misses the mark by a wide margin. They're progressive yet organic with a sound that's brand new but familiar at the same time. Their upcoming album 'Sake Of The Sound' is a great listen front to back." - TIM CARBONE, Railroad Earth

“To experience just how much depth and discovery really exists in bluegrass listen to ‘Sake of the Sound’ by Front Country. One listen and your view of bluegrass will never be the same.” - Folkwords

"Bluegrass, Progressive Bluegrass, Newgrass, Americana, Folk-Pop… In today's music world it can be totally exhausting to try and put music in a box and deliver it under one clear, clean description. In this case, one thing is undeniable… this is damn fine music! Front Country's debut release "Sake of the Sound" features powerful and compelling lead vocals alongside intricate and highly skilled instrumental work. Aided by the fresh and creative perspective of producer, Kai Welch, the arrangements serve the depth and variety of songwriting and keep you excited to hear what the next tune will bring. Front Country's willingness to stretch the bluegrass boundary while maintaining the acoustic integrity of the music will solidify them as one of the top new bands on the acoustic / bluegrass scene. This record can be devoured not only by Bluegrass music fans but also by the larger world of music lovers. Expect great things from this talented group of musicians!" – WOODY PLATT, Steep Canyon Rangers

“These talented young musicians are a conglomeration of some of the finest musical traditions. I hear bluegrass, soul, jazz, jam band, americana and more wrapped up in this package and the results are enchanting!” - Nowheresvillle

“The recording is solid from start to finish, inviting comparisons to a handful of other bands that have already established themselves in the new grass/Americana camp – Punch Brothers, the Infamous Stringdusters, the Hillbenders and Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen. The project, itself, is a revelation” – DAVID MORRIS, Bluegrass Today - Read more: http://bluegrasstoday.com/sake-of-the-sound-front-country/

“Front Country blend everything from high-lonesome mountain music to new-wave power pop, newgrass picking, oldgrass harmonies, and just plain glorious musicality. This is Americana at its best: music with deep roots and wide-ranging vision” - Popatunes

“On the title track to their debut LP Sake of the Sound, Front Country‘s Melody Walker sings of the healing power of music (“When it hits you, you gonna feel no pain”) while imploring the Oakland band’s audience to grasp the band’s personal investment in its craft (“Feel the room shake – can you hear my heart break? I’m in love with the sound”), laying bare the dual nature of music’s emotional impact. The song – which finds itself at a similarly beautiful intersection between bluegrass and, well, fist-pumping, foot-stomping rock – is impossible to resist” - The Bay Bridged - Read more: http://thebaybridged.com/2014/10/13/front-countrys-sake-sound-release-party-slims-next-month/

“It is so well executed, when you listen to it again after hearing the full album, it’s like the band is just showing off.  Because they can.  You should go listen to Front Country” - Twangville

“For all its musical curiosity and exploration, Front Country still manages to feel as if linked somehow to older American grassroots sounds. Which is to say that its members are conscious of who and where they are. No innocents abroad, they seek their own place on a landscape they know well. From the evidence afforded in the amiably accomplished Sake of the Sound I think we ought to wish them long and happy habitation” - Rambles.net - Read more: http://www.rambles.net/front_sake14.html

“The synthesis is dramatic - the gutsy depth and underlying power of the vocals, sharp lead guitar, attacking violin breaks, and a subtle and far-reaching mix of harmonies” - Folkwords

“Sake of the Sound is an apt name. This is an album produced not to uphold the bluegrass tradition…Or any other for that matter. This is a work that draws from a multitude of genres, not just because they match, but for the sake of the sound they make when put together (see what I did there?). In case it’s not clear, this is a really good album, and it’s hard to believe it’s a debut.” - Spiral Earth

“There’s a remarkable new player on the contemporary bluegrass scene in Bay Area collective Front Country. Their “Sake of the Sound” debut has remained in heavy rotation on my iPod for the past few weeks and I can’t wait for the band to make a tour stop in Pittsburgh” - PGHTUNES